Re: Cascading Style Sheets 1

Steve Knoblock writes:
>You also might have margins that do not crunch your text in frames or small
>window sizes.

  But intensive industry research has shown that people don't _WANT_ things
like this.  They want THWUBBIDA-THWUBBIDA-BLIP-BLIP-BLIP and WIRED tags.
Besides, that wasn't invented here, so it can't be good.


>At 02:13 AM 12/18/96 +0000, David Perrell wrote:
>>Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>>> So we could use CSS to implement <BLINK> without using that tag?
>>This is far more exciting that that. You could implement THROB,
>>FLASH-N-FADE, RANDOM-FLICKER, or even more esoteric effects such as

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