RE: background images/Internet Explorer

my wish is that you put a new year's rush on background colors and graphics
in liked stylesheets. 

That aside, is this a bug or a "feature" of CSS? When I add a background to
a DIV it does not appear. I thought they had the same properties as a P
except for the extra whitespace.



At 06:39 PM 12/16/96 +0000, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>There were a few bugs with quoting in CSS with IE 3.0 and 3.01.  Also,
>background images do not work from linked stylesheets.  Remove the
>quotes from the snippet below, make sure it's in an embedded stylesheet,
>and you shouldn't have any problems.
>Oh, and JPEG images work fine for background images.
>	-Chris
>Chris Wilson
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>>I'm trying to overlay a background image over a paragraph in IE3 but it
>>dosn't appear to be working.  As far as I can tell the browser isn't even
>>attempting to load the image.
>>Here's a snip of css code....
>>	background: URL("paper.jpg");
>>Does anyone know of any problems in the IE implementation involving
>>background images?  Does anyone have any working examples of backgrounds
>>over single elements?
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