Re: Cascading Style Sheets 1

At 09:11 PM 12/16/96 -0800, Jon Bosak wrote:
>[Hekon Lie:]
>| By setting properties from a scripting language, you can dynamically
>| modify property values. The downside is that your document may be less
>| interoperable: they require browser support for both the CSS
>| properties and the scripting language of your choice.
>| A good solution to this is to encode your static property values (most
>| of them are static) in CSS and use a scripting language for the
>| dynamic parts.
>An alternative solution is to use a standard stylesheet language that
>was designed for programming in the first place.

Good point Jon... 

If I were a real expert (I only play one on Usenet) I would pitch in and
sing the praises of a language designed for *interchange* of
*specifications* for *transformation* as well as *formatting* using a
*functional side effect free language* based on a language design which is
*rigorously defined* yet *extensible* and based on *well documented*

Whew! that takes so long to say, sorry we've run out of time to explain it!