RE: background images/Internet Explorer

There were a few bugs with quoting in CSS with IE 3.0 and 3.01.  Also,
background images do not work from linked stylesheets.  Remove the
quotes from the snippet below, make sure it's in an embedded stylesheet,
and you shouldn't have any problems.

Oh, and JPEG images work fine for background images.

Chris Wilson
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>Subject:	background images/Internet Explorer
>I'm trying to overlay a background image over a paragraph in IE3 but it
>dosn't appear to be working.  As far as I can tell the browser isn't even
>attempting to load the image.
>Here's a snip of css code....
>	background: URL("paper.jpg");
>Does anyone know of any problems in the IE implementation involving
>background images?  Does anyone have any working examples of backgrounds
>over single elements?
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