Re: Cascading Style Sheets 1

you should read how their "useability" labs develop the new MS Office
toolbars. :) There's a lot about "open standards" on their pages, but they
are not very open about HTML in my opinion. Their extensions were a useful
addition and temporary measure but they seem to resist any true
consideration of how these features should be developed in an interoperable way.


At 04:43 AM 12/16/96 +0000, Gordon Blackstock wrote:
>This page at the Netscape site pretty much says it all:

>To me, the last sentence typifies the Netscape approach to the web; they
>seem to feel that whatever they want to do may as well be considered a
>"standard." I could easily be wrong (and have heard the rumors that they
>intend to support some subset of CSS), and it would be nice if I were
>wrong, but I simply don't have any faith in either Netscape or the
>programming team that writes Navigator.
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