Re: vertical-align (5.4.4)

Jim King wrote:
> what happens with a line that has multiple inline elements (such as
> gifs of equations in one line.)  Would that % be 20% of the overall
> plus the leading, or would it be 20% of the line-height ONLY at the
> where the image is located (which is different from the line-height 2
> characters earlier)?
>  4.4 seems to imply that the line is sectionalized such...

I think you're confusing line box with line-height. Inline elements may
change the height of the line box in which they occur, not their
parent's line-height.

Although a paragraph might have different line-heights as a result of
inline elements, the variations are local to the inline elements. The
parent's line height remains unchanged. So if three successive images
used a percentage for vertical-align, the percentages would all
reference the declared or inherited line-height of the parent element.

> then I need a way to drop each math expression by a set distance
below the
> baseline.

I believe you could accomplish this using a SPAN element with a
line-height set to a pixel measurement and a vertical-align of
'baseline'. You would then nest your IMG within the span, such that the
image is a child of an element with a known line-height.

A vertical-align with absolute length units would be much simpler. Odd
that this property is limited to computed values. (Can anyone comment
as to why this is so?)

David Perrell