Re: CSS logo proposal

Good one, David! I bet we could drum up some extra funding for CSS research
by selling some add space within the large logo, i.e., a neon-colored,
flashing, "eat at joe's" sign.<g>

My feelings won't be hurt no matter what happens. I think it's more
important to have contributed something to the pool of ideas. Regardless of
the basic design that's picked, I do think that the emphasis should be on
text. I also realize that the basic problem with a CSS generated logo is
that most browsers just can't handle it, and that there isn't any practical
way to prevent CSS-challenged browsers from displaying a great CSS design
as gibberish. 

The idea of cycling some of the designs just might work. Say, with 3 100x40
buttons put together like a prism, then rotated with a GIF animation. Lot's
of work, but it might tend to get the attention that's sought.

just some thoughts,