Re: CSS logo proposal

I think it is time to stop trying to create new logos, and come to
some sort of closure.

I think Charles Peyton Taylor made some good points.

1. I agree that Suite 1 is the best looking, though I personally would
prefer the use of the same background colour for the dark and light
version (the green).

2. We definitely need a button that looks clickable that invites
people to find out what style sheets and CSS are; this issue is
independent of the actual choice of logo.

3. The button should include a small version of the agreed-on logo.

4. I agree that the better wording is "Styled with CSS"

I propose that we empower H&kon to create a penultimate version of
the Suite 1 logos, plus a button with the required wording and logo,
that allows us one more look, and then we declare it formal.

Can we put a deadline of 1st January on this? I want to use it!

By the way H&kon: this of course will also require a page that the
button can click through to briefly describing Style Sheets and CSS
for the layperson, with further reference links.

Steven Pemberton

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