Re: CSS1 and Color - infrastructure availability clarified

Chris Lilley wrote:
> Further to that, the requirements for the "Designed for Microsoft
> logo program have been upped to include mandatory ICC profiling for
> monitors and for printers, with recommended profiling for flatscreen
> Also the ICM 2.0 color management system that will ship with Windows
97 has
> support for sRGB built in.

The description of the Win 97 CMS sounds good. Being able to easily set
and switch multiple profiles at the opsys level would be a boon.

(Note that the spec says mandatory profiling for all desktop CRTs and
recommended profiling for flat panel devices.)

Now, if only display board mfgrs would move to 'deprecate' indexed
color and promote 24-bit as a standard. You can't have good web color
if you're limited to a 216-color fixed palette or dithered color. At
the very least the UA makers need to do adaptive or settable palettes.

Of course this presents problems with backward compatibility, since
optimized images could look terrible on browsers limited to the NS-216
color set. But perhaps with a special OBJECT type an author could
specify optimized images for those browsers that understand the type
but fall back to standard NS-216 images for those that don't.

David Perrell