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In response to occasional requests for information about DSSSL
resources, I have put together the following fact sheet.  I will
attempt to update it periodically for people interested in the


Information about DSSSL

DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) is the
international standard programming language for stylesheets and
document transformations.  It is not a fixed, descriptive style
language but rather an arbitrarily extensible programming language for
creating complete two-dimensional presentational environments.  DSSSL
is fully internationalized and designed to support left-to-right,
right-to-left, and top-to-bottom scripts equally well.


The DSSSL home page is at


A PostScript copy of the DSSSL standard, ISO/IEC 10179:1996, is
available at


An earlier and almost identical committee draft of the same document
is available online at



DSSSL Online (dsssl-o) is a minimum subset (application profile) of
full DSSSL designed for easy implementation in editors and online
browsers.  It can also be used in the design of stylesheets for
printing out simple one-column page layouts but does not include
certain features used in Asian languages or the sophisticated
multicolumn, multidirectional page model of full DSSSL.  The dsssl-o
application profile specification can be found at


(These files can also be obtained using anonymous FTP.)

James's DSSSL Engine (Jade)

Jade is a free DSSSL engine that implements all of dsssl-o and some
useful extensions to the simple page model, such as multiple columns.
The latest copy of Jade, including Win32 binaries and all of the
source files, is maintained at


Jade binaries for other platforms are intermittently compiled and made
available by ftp at


Jade has specifically been designed to support the construction of
multiple output modules (both print and online).  The implementation
of Jade in online environments is a particularly fertile area for
experimentation at the moment.  Interested developers should consult
the Jade sources and documentation at www.jclark.com for further

Sample stylesheets

A DSSSL stylesheet that can be used with Jade to print out HTML
documents conforming to the HTML 3.2 specification is at


The HTML stylesheet is a useful example of how a true stylesheet
programming language can be used to implement features such as
autonumbering, pagination, and the automatic generation of headers,
footers, and tables of contents.

(Last updated 1996.11.30)

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