Jade 0.4 Solaris and linux binaries

Solaris and linux binaries for Jade 0.4 are now available along with
the reference Win32 version at sunsite.unc.edu.  Complete source code
is also available at the same location.

Jade is a free application of DSSSL, the international standard
programming language for style sheets.  Jade can be used to produce
formatted output from HTML or any other SGML-conformant markup
language.  For more information on Jade, consult the Jade home page at

To obtain the distribution made available with this announcement,
follow these steps:

1. Log in via anonymous ftp to sunsite.unc.edu (or one of its mirrors).

2. Set "bin" for binary transfer.

3. Change to the directory


4. Get the files HOWTO and jade.htm.

5. Get the appropriate set of binaries.  This will be one of the files
   jade-win32-0.4.zip, jade-sparc-sol2.5-0.4.tar.gz, etc.

6. Read HOWTO and jade.htm for further directions.


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