Excuse me for this unsolicited e-mail. I felt this was the 
best way to inform you of our new service.

Here at PERSONALSEEK, www.personalseek.com, we've decided to build 
another free international search engine,but this one is only for 
commercial organizations. It is called BUSINESSEEK and it's absolutely 
free. Try it for yourself at http://www.businesseek.com/ 

The goal of Businesseek is to allow the user to find a company, brand or 
product quickly and easily. We will provide your company with a password 
so you can update your data instantly and at any time that is convenient 
for you.

We suggest you first use your native language .You can then submit the 
same information in other languages depending on the markets that you 
would like to serve. There are no limits regarding the number of 
submissions. The information intake form will be available in english 
spanish,italian, french and german.

We also have a COMPANY NEWS OF BUSINESSEEK section, where you will be 
able to put up to 1000 text characters text giving news about your 
company.You can describe new products or brands, new researches, etc., 
using the password we'll give you after you add your data.

To add your data, go to add in
After you have your password, you can acces our news service at 

Yours sincerely.

Bob Ant
Webmaster of BusinesSeek
Webmaster of PersonalSeek

"Never has something so little gone so fast..."