Re: Tabs in CSS1

> In Windows, pixels/in is a function of the display driver. Some drivers
> allow some control. I have a 16"-wide (21" diag) 1280 x 1024 display,
> with display pixels/inch set to 112. This is larger than actual size
> because the monitor is farther away than I would normally read printed
> material. So when 12pt type is spec'd using CSS1, the type appears in
> MSIE 3.01 as it would on paper at a comfortable reading distance.

I'm _very_ glad to see some recognition of viewing distance as an 
important factor in the way we perceive on-screen graphics. Just one 
reason why efforts to ensure that 12-pt type appears exactly the same 
size as it does in your daily newspaper are, in my opinion, 
well-intentioned folly.

But I've officially recanted and I now think that tab settings should 
properly relate to the size of text, not images. So points or ens, yes.

Personally I saw nothing wrong with HTML 3.0's idea of setting tab stops 
in the text itself, like so:

Partici<TAB ID="t1">pants in this interesting discussion were:<BR>
<TAB TO t1>David Perell<BR>
<TAB TO t1>Stu Harris<BR>
<TAB TO t1>Chris Lilley<BR>

A refinement I would _very much_ like to see is:

Partici<INDENT ID="i1">pants in this interesting discussion were:<BR>
<INDENT TO t1>David Perell<BR>
Stu Harris<BR>
Chris Lilley<BR>