Re: Sorry if you crashed (W95 FYI: Chaos in 2038!)

At 8:49p -0800 11/22/96, David Perrell wrote:
>The problem apparently has nothing to do with Win95 per se. Just some
>apps and DLLs and how they interact. Culprits on my system were apps
>from Delrina/Symantec (WinFax, WinComm, TalkWorks), Netscape (NS Mail),
>and Microsoft IE (JavaScript date function caused 'Internal JavaScript

This tidbit was posted on the Bug of the Day maillist:

>Time is important to CorelDraw 6. If you are getting IPF errors when
>trying to print color separations, check the date on the Windows 95
>clock. If the current year is set to an incorrect setting, such as in the
>21st century, set it back to the correct time. This should allow color
>separations to print.
>Who would've thought that everyday graphics programs were going to break.
>It puts a whole new aspect to the problem.

Man, I'm glad I use a Mac -- I've yet to hear of any date problems under MacOS.

>with the typical 2-digit year display, how would I know it's _20_96?

Umm... sort a file list by date? Oh, guess not (that would only work if it
were the previous century rather than the next). I did notice your odd dates,
but just shrugged it off. I have other ways to make my Mac crash. LOL

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