Re: Sorry if you crashed (W95 FYI: Chaos in 2038!)

Rick Maas wrote:
> Hell, I didn't just crash, I had to uninstall and re-DL netscape ...
> hope nobody else had to do the same .... @ 14.4 .... but my blood
> pressure is back to 120/80 again ;)

Yikes. Major bummer. Sure glad you survived.

The problem apparently has nothing to do with Win95 per se. Just some
apps and DLLs and how they interact. Culprits on my system were apps
from Delrina/Symantec (WinFax, WinComm, TalkWorks), Netscape (NS Mail),
and Microsoft IE (JavaScript date function caused 'Internal JavaScript
error'). FWIW, Netscape is now aware of the problem and promises more
graceful behavior in Communicator (NSN 4.0).

Before discovering the cause of the problem, I removed/reinstalled
Delrina/Symantec apps, IE 3.01, Navigator, and finally Win95 and all
patches/updates -- and then upgraded my system BIOS. Reason: with the
typical 2-digit year display, how would I know it's _20_96?

Why did I think one of my sent messages had been trashed? In my 'sent
items' box is a whole bunch of messages dated 2096. They'll still be at
the top of the list when I'm dust.

David Perrell