Re: Sorry if you crashed (W95 FYI: Chaos in 2038!)

David Perrell wrote:
> It was brought to my attention that my posts to these lists have caused
> Netscape Mail running on Win95 to crash. I tried to test this by
> sending myself a message but was unable to run NS Mail at all.
> I'm glad to say I found the problem: In the course of a HD upgrade my
> system clock had somehow built a 100-year bridge to the 21st century
> and was set to 2096. Subsequent testing shows that dates beyond 2038
> cause many unwanted side effects in Win95, including the aforementioned
> crashes when NS Mail receives a message so dated.
> Having returned to the present, I retrieved my previously sent test
> message dated 2096, and, sure enough, NS Mail crashed.
> Sorry if anyone experienced this problem. It was not intentional.
> (Also sorry that I rewrote/resent a 'transparent text' post on
> www-style. I thought one of these crashes had trashed the message.)
> David Perrell

Hell, I didn't just crash, I had to uninstall and re-DL netscape ... I
hope nobody else had to do the same .... @ 14.4 .... but my blood
pressure is back to 120/80 again ;)


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