Re: Transparent text

| i believe this is my first post to this mailing list, so a brief
intro: i
| am an author and developer in many languages and formats; my current
| project is about HTML and Internet Explorer 3.01 and above. In the
| of exploring (excuse the pun!) the features of IE and its Layout
control, i
| found a very peculiar thing: if one uses a control like a CheckBox,
with no
| text of its own, but just an image, the image becomes partially
| transparent, based on the color of the lower left pixel. I have used
| to create exactly the "cookie" cutter effect being discussed here. if
| anyone is interested, i could whip up a simple demo and post it to
the list
| of doing this with text.

Standard procedure under windows... haven't you ever created a BMP
format icon file?  Just rename your BMP files as ICO and see how they
turn out... more often than not though its an undesired feature...
should be extremely controllable..