Re: When will CSS rule?

Hi Kim,

> 1.  I've read conflicting reports on whether Netscape is
>  going to support CSS.

It's my understanding that they intend to something and call it CSS. The
main problem with NN implementations that I've encountered in the past has
been that they tend to barely implement the standard and then proceed to
"enhance" what has only been partially addressed to begin with.

>  2.  Any ideas what percentage of web sites are gearing  
>   up to convert to or are currently using CSS on their sites?
>   Any documentation on this?

I've yet to see any collection of this type of data, or that it's being

>  3.  Do you think that when CSS are a standard most web
>   sites will adopt them, or just web sites that are
>   art/style oriented? 

Business and large organization sites will love the consistency that they
can apply to their sites from just a few controlling documents.  I use
three style sheet documents to apply consistency the entire suite of pages
at the FSU Geology Department.  My personal pages are more art/style
oriented, and I use style that is internal to each page, even though this
means that some items are duplicated.

>  4.  If most sites do adopt them, will it be immediate, or
>    will it take a year or more for CSS to really become
>    standard?

Good question.  I think that once CSS has become widely spread via browser
implementation, that it will catch on quickly.  The MSIE community seems to
be well on its way.

>  5.  Do you think the average surfer is going to take the
>    time to learn enough about CSS to override an
>    author's sheet?  

In a way I hope that's not the case!  But, I suppose it depends on how that
functionality is implemented. It isn't hard to imagine a page that is
presentation quality being turned into "the ugliest page on the web."

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