Re: CSS Logo

it kind of an overly intellectual point, but it is a good one. The "Netscape
Now" logo's are so common I doubt anyone thought it. The problem I see with
text/css only logo is that a logo is usually considered a graphical device
(or display type like a rebus). A CSS logo would just be text. And right now
you could not depend on fancy fonts being installed. You could only use
Comic Sans (which I like) and Verdana (which I don't). So how would a CSS
font look any different than what someone could do with <font>? We might
have to wait until CSS is further deployed before creating a CSS logo in CSS.


>Of course their point was entire textual... CSS is very broad, but
>doesn't some other people out there feel that a CSS logo done in CSS,
>while it will only work completely on CSS browsers, would be more
>worthwhile?  Maybe a mixture?  Remember that the "Netscape Now" logo's
>meant nothing to a text only browser... :)
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