Re: SGML on the web (was: when will CSS rule)

[Scott Preece:]

| It's still the case that standard DTDs are required if we are to get
| the best use out of indexing/search systems, since the best searching
| requires some awareness of the semantics of the data, which means the
| indexer or the search engine must know something about the "meaning"
| of the tags it finds.

But it's not the (machine-readable portion of) the DTD that tells the
indexer what that meaning is.  In other words, if the indexer wants to
give more weight to stuff it finds in title elements (headers),
there's nothing in the DTD that tells the indexer that elements tagged
TITLE are, in fact, titles.  That information has to stand outside the
machine-readable portion of the DTD somewhere.  So the issue of
semantics for indexers is orthogonal to the question of DTDs.  This is
one of the reasons that XML sanctions DTD-less Web documents.


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