Re: Re:When will CSS rule?

| >The question after this is, with HTML CLASS attributes, is there
| >a need for real <POEM> tags?  
| Yes. POEM tags have extra benefits over <div class=poem>.  
|  * they are more compact to type and download. 

It would require a DTD, a DTD is not compact to type and download.

|  * they are easier to work with programmatically. Most SGML/HTML
| engines/transformation tools/parsers/formatters/ whatever are "keyed"
| element name. Doing work based on attributes tend to be harder. 

Key on element, or key on class... do what ever you want, theres no
limitation other than some programmers sallary...

| HTML is not necessarily easier to use, parse OR render than a
"simple" SGML.
| Note that ["simple" SGML] is now a World Wide Web Consortium

Yes it is, part of HTML is the mild rules used to render it... SGML is
just content, content, content, NO STYLE!  the world doesn't work
without style...  At least I am not going to look at just content...

| >However, by SGML I think all people mean is content
| >validation... 
| That isn't at all true. You've missed the point of SGML altogether.
| SGML is about allowing end users to take control of the data format
of their
| documents. Documents are important, the knowledge inside of them is

IE, validate content! Thats allow it allows a third party to do!