Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

Chris Lilley wrote:
> A guess - you don't use a Mac or an SGI or a NeXT to browse with.


> Another guess - the doument authors did. And it wasn't illegible to
> them. The difference being gamma correction, ignoring which causes
> errors of several hundred percent - especially for dark colors.

May be. Or attempted subtlety by PC users with CRT brightness cranked
to maximum.

> Note that the CSS1 specification defines what a color means, in terms
> measurable objective color specifications, and also that the minimum
> implementors must do to display these tightly specified colors is to
> implement reasonable gamma correction.
> So hopefully, you won't need to switch off stylesheets just because
> looked dark and moody (but legible) on a Mac became very dark and
> unreadable on your system.

How does sRGB help without an opsys-level CMS or sRGB-compliant
display? Is there any progress in getting display hardware mfgr's to
buy into this?

David Perrell