RE: Tabs in CSS1

>>I think that it is CSS1 that has caused the TAB tag to be removed when
HTML 3.0 became 3.2.  The only thing I see missing is:

This is left                              this is right.

But, can be done with tables, as all other cases of tab can.<<

Yes.  The major reason for my interest in tabs is that it would be useful to 
our customers.  We produce a WYSIWYG WinHelp and HTML authoring 
tool and customers want to be able to convert WinHelp documents to 
HTML and have their existing tab stops be displayed correctly in HTML 
without having to re-author tabs into tables.

You are right - for new information tables are far better in most cases, but
there is a lot of legacy documentation out there that is being converted to
the web and for this reason alone tab support in HTML would be useful.

I guess one useful thing about tabs is that they can be a little easier to
author - esp. in a WYSIWYG authoring tool where you can just press the
tab key instead of creating a table.