Re: CSS reign

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Sarra Mossoff wrote:
> So, I'd love to start implementing CSS (as soon as Netscape also supports
> it, that is) but there is the issue of the huge number of people who aren't
> browsing with the most recent versions of Netscape or MSIE.  This means I
> have to continue to do my design in the HTML as well as build style sheets,
> or those people using older or different browsers will see really plain,
> rather ugly pages.  That wouldn't make our clients very happy.

   That's the purpose of putting the CSS icon. You put an Icon on your
page that says something like "Style Sheet Enabled" and it is a link to a
page that explains to the person WHAT style sheets are and the fact that
the page will look a LOT better if they get a browser that supports CSS.
So at this type, that will mean telling them to get MSIE 3.0 and ditching
Netscape, since Netscape is refusing to support them. As more and more
pages begin to use CSS and to display the CSS icon, more and more people
will stop using Netscape because it will no longer be the browser to use
if you want to see the best pages at their best. Which is exactly the
point that Carl Morris made:

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Carl Morris wrote:
> If you want Netscape to support CSS1, or any other thing, tell them,
> and do it, that you are not going to continue with their product, the
> others will server you better, and then also design with the things you
> want, such as CSS1, I can't spell the French word that describes this,
> Netscape does what they see as needed, if everyone is using CSS1, they
> will, although reluctantly, support it, or loose market trying to
> compete with their own "standards"...

   Bottom line. If we want style sheets to be supported by all browsers,
we are going to have to start using them on all of our pages and informing
people that they need to get a browser that supports them. 


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