Re: Re:When will CSS rule?

| well on along title it can get pretty big--much bigger than you would
| usually find in a book. Like I mentioned, many books use the
philosophy that
| all title except chapter heads should be *the same size as the text*
| only vary in one of the four font-families. I personally don't like
| headings wrapping around. The other thing is that I am dissatisfied
with the
| concepts available in HTML for marking content. I want a<copyright>
tag. I
| want a <sidebar> tag, a <accession> tag, a <query> tag, and so
| concepts you find in any book but not in HTML. Extending HTML's
| space is important to me to keep my document structure logical and to
have a
| structure to properly hang style on. It may be more important when
| future search engines you'll ask "find all occurrences of 'katy-did
wing' in
| <poem>."

hmm, maybe its just "stylistic differences", as I don't mind most
wrapped headings.  On my personal server, take a look at a document I
am writing (HTMLlizing):

I start the document with an H1, and I use H2 - H5 through out the
document, and I yet I don't feel that the H1 is too large, but do start
to think the H4 and H5 is getting a bit small...  That may be because I
use CSS to change the font from what is normally Verdanna on my system
to "times" for just the headings.  Verdanna is an awfully large and
readable font when compared to the same point size of Times New Roman
(is that a bug in Microsoft's definition of points?)

On another page

I start with an H1 that is an awfully long title, little is little
chance to keeping it from wrapping on my system, but I like the way it
wraps (and it probably only wraps that way on my system) in the large

However I am not so interested in what you would still have to call
<TAG SOUP>...  Whether its <SPACER> or <POEM> its a lot of unneeded
tags.  If you want to search your poems embedded in your documents,
place the search engine over your document in another format, maybe
your own form of SGML tag soup, and let everyone else just use the
simplified HyperText Markup Language (markup to me, BTW, means style,
or price increase).  By using a proprietary document format in
searching you are likely to increase the speed of the search anyway...

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