Re: Re:When will CSS rule?

well on along title it can get pretty big--much bigger than you would
usually find in a book. Like I mentioned, many books use the philosophy that
all title except chapter heads should be *the same size as the text* and
only vary in one of the four font-families. I personally don't like my
headings wrapping around. The other thing is that I am dissatisfied with the
concepts available in HTML for marking content. I want a<copyright> tag. I
want a <sidebar> tag, a <accession> tag, a <query> tag, and so on...all
concepts you find in any book but not in HTML. Extending HTML's conceptual
space is important to me to keep my document structure logical and to have a
structure to properly hang style on. It may be more important when with
future search engines you'll ask "find all occurrences of 'katy-did wing' in


At 05:28 AM 11/19/96 +0000, Carl Morris wrote:

>I never have understood this "h1" to big thing...  All my pages start
>H1 and end H6 and I don't really hate the size...  but then again CSS1
>is designed to try to please more people ... :)
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