Re: Re:When will CSS rule?

| So, I'd love to start implementing CSS (as soon as Netscape also
| it, that is) but there is the issue of the huge number of people who
| browsing with the most recent versions of Netscape or MSIE.  This
means I
| have to continue to do my design in the HTML as well as build style
| or those people using older or different browsers will see really
| rather ugly pages.  That wouldn't make our clients very happy.

No, don't say that "as soon as Netscape supports"...  Most image
utilities won't support PNG until its in the browsers, but browsers
won't support it until its in the image utilities...  somebody just do

If you want Netscape to support CSS1, or any other thing, tell them,
and do it, that you are not going to continue with their product, the
others will server you better, and then also design with the things you
want, such as CSS1, I can't spell the French word that describes this,

Netscape does what they see as needed, if everyone is using CSS1, they
will, although reluctantly, support it, or loose market trying to
compete with their own "standards"...