Re: feedback on PR-CSS1

| >readability .... human readability, 1 i I a A mean nothing without
| >knowing that they mean decimal, roman, etc.
| Yes, but how many people in the world would understand "a", and how
| many would understand the word decimal?  Not everyone is fluent in
| English.  The web could be the ultimate anglo-centric forum
| (actually, I hope it's not really ultimate ;-)!

Ah ha!  Exactly.  Not everyone uses English, the outline procedure
seems extremely Greek, Roman, or English to me; Alphabetic may mean
more to someone who is not any clearer about what A means as compared
to what the English word Alphabetic means.  CSS1 is not all about short
hand, its about being clear and readable.  Words make more sense than
just letters and numbers.  Is "1" the option "decimal" or the option 1
from a selection in a list?