Re:When will CSS rule?

As a producer for a web dev shop, I have also been wondering about CSS and
the issues surrounding implementation.

It does seem to be a very valuable tool for building sites that are
visually appealing (whether those sites are art/style oriented or more
basic company info-type sites).  Seem like CSS could make my life easier.
Here's the problem I have, as a producer:

I need to build sites that will look good and work well on as many
different browsers and platforms as I can think of.  Of course, we do
choose a browser that the pages are optimized for (usually Netscape), but
the reality is that there are lots of people using different browsers (or
older versions of Netscape and MSIE) because of hard-drive space
limitations and RAM requirements.

So, I'd love to start implementing CSS (as soon as Netscape also supports
it, that is) but there is the issue of the huge number of people who aren't
browsing with the most recent versions of Netscape or MSIE.  This means I
have to continue to do my design in the HTML as well as build style sheets,
or those people using older or different browsers will see really plain,
rather ugly pages.  That wouldn't make our clients very happy.

How are people currently using CSS dealing with this issue?  Are you still
doing elaborate HTML as well as CSS?  If not, what are people seeing who
aren't browsing with MSIE?

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