When will CSS rule?

I'm doing some research on CSS and am interested to find out more about
people's opinions on if and how soon CSS will become standard on the
web.  So a few questions:
1.  I've read conflicting reports on whether Netscape is going to
support CSS.  Will they? When/if they do, will everybody suddenly start
using them?

2.  Any ideas what percentage of web sites are gearing up to convert to
or are currently using CSS on their sites?  Any documentation on this?

3.  Do you think that when CSS are a standard most web sites will adopt
them, or just web sites that are art/style oriented?  

4.  If most sites do adopt them, will it be immediate, or will it take a
year or more for CSS to really become standard?

5.  Do you think the average surfer is going to take the time to learn
enough about CSS to override an author's sheet?  

I've put up questions in several Webmaster forums and have gotten very
few responses, but I'm curious as to why CSS haven't gotten big
headlines and wide use since I.E. began to support them.  Like I can see
implementing CSS on our site, before I would personally implement any
Java stuff, (CSS seems much more practical and usable) but Java got much
more press and there seemed a point when everybody was adding Java
something of some sort to their site.

Any opinions, facts, reactions would be greatly appreciated.