Re: feedback on PR-CSS1

In <199611172210.QAA12555@inet.htcnet.com>, Carl Morris wrote:
>| In 5.6.2, you suggest same values for keywords of list-style
>| that seem unnecessarily cumbersome. Why not use
>| [disc | circle | square | 1 | i | I | a | A | none]
>| instead of the values "decimal", "lower-roman", and so on? This
>| seems easier, and more akin to word processors with outline
>readability .... human readability, 1 i I a A mean nothing without
>knowing that they mean decimal, roman, etc.

Yes, but how many people in the world would understand "a", and how
many would understand the word decimal?  Not everyone is fluent in
English.  The web could be the ultimate anglo-centric forum
(actually, I hope it's not really ultimate ;-)!