Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

On Sep 5,  4:59am, David Perrell wrote:

> I don't consider
> my sight to be unusually impaired, but I've seen many sites with dark
> type on a busy dark background that I can hardly read. I'd love to have
> an instant override.

A guess - you don't use a Mac or an SGI or a NeXT to browse with.

Another guess - the doument authors did. And it wasn't illegible to
them. The difference being gamma correction, ignoring which causes
errors of several hundred percent - especially for dark colors.

Note that the CSS1 specification defines what a color means, in terms of
measurable objective color specifications, and also that the minimum that
implementors must do to display these tightly specified colors is to
implement reasonable gamma correction.

So hopefully, you won't need to switch off stylesheets just because what
looked dark and moody (but legible) on a Mac became very dark and
unreadable on your system.

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