Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996 lee@sq.com wrote:

> > I agree that rather than haggle over combining author's styel sheets
> > and user's style sheets, most users would simply want complete
> > precedence of their own or complete acceptance of the author's
> > (or UA default, if they are really uninterested).
> One difficulty with !legal or !awfully-important is that it's very
> easy to do
>     foreground-color: black !frightfully-important
> and then if the user's preference is for a black background, you
> end up with an invisible document.

True, but in that situation it is clear that the author wrote a terrible
stylesheet because he didn't take background color into effect.  There are
always going to be "short sighted" stylesheets out there and in cases like
that sending email to the author is the best solution.

> The approach of letting you edit a copy of a style sheet, ala Mosaic,
> is I think a very sound one.
> However, it raises another issue: what if I don't want people using my
> style sheets on other people's web sites?
> Can I have a way of saying
>     not to be copied
> so that the browser won't let me save it?

You can prevent caching with a Pragma header, but copyrighting is your
only real recourse in the long run.

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