Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

> I agree that rather than haggle over combining author's styel sheets
> and user's style sheets, most users would simply want complete
> precedence of their own or complete acceptance of the author's
> (or UA default, if they are really uninterested).

One difficulty with !legal or !awfully-important is that it's very
easy to do
    foreground-color: black !frightfully-important
and then if the user's preference is for a black background, you
end up with an invisible document.

The approach of letting you edit a copy of a style sheet, ala Mosaic,
is I think a very sound one.

However, it raises another issue: what if I don't want people using my
style sheets on other people's web sites?
Can I have a way of saying
    not to be copied
so that the browser won't let me save it?

This isn't perfect -- you could use a different browser, or visit the
URL and use copy & paste or something, but at least you'd know that you
were doing it, and have an idea why, which is all I ask.