Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

> That's the way I saw it at first. But most users are not going to learn
> CSS and will not want to deal with 'weight'. Whether you call it a
> 'user stylesheet' or 'user-specified UA defaults', I think most users
> would welcome a choice of either 'none' or 'complete' precedence of
> their styling choices over the author's. Since this is not in accord
> with the CSS1 spec, then we can't call user-specified UA defaults that
> work this way a 'user stylesheet'.

Good point.  The average user who only surfs will have no desire to learn
CSS, so maybe it should be up to the UA to build the stylesheet.  There
are two possibilities.....

1. What we call UA defaults (such as color, font size) like in IE/NS are
actually stylesheets with a nice user interface so an average user dosn't
have to look at CSS code.

2.  The UA offers a full style-sheet editor program that provides a nice
GUI for controlling aspects of margins, link color, typeface, line height,
etc, etc and writes the stylesheet automatically.  (If you've ever used
Mosaic for the Mac you are probably accustomed to having a lot of
flexibility with styles).

In either case the stylesheet created by the UA could still be edited by
the end user in an text editor like Notepad or SimpleText.

Needless to say I'd prefer the second option since it also could be
useful for creation of a stylesheet when I am viewing a site that I am
authoring.  Later I could take the created stylesheet and import it into
the web site just by FTPing the CSS file.

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