Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

What is a "user's stylesheet" if not simply the styling the user wants
applied to bare-bones HTML pages? I can set background color in NSN or
MSIE and it stays in effect until an author overrides it with a <BODY
BGCOLOR=xxx> tag. Why should the situation change with client-side
style sheets? IMO, users' style sheet should take _no_ precedence by
default (superceded even by HTML tags). If an illegible page is
encountered -- styled or not -- users should be able to toggle their
stylesheet to _maximum_ precedence so as to override an author's tag
attributes as well as style settings.

I don't understand how things could work otherwise. Is the user going
to be expected to set UA display options AND a separate stylesheet that
only gets used with author-styled documents? Are documents styled with
tag attributes going to get blitzed when a user has a stylesheet in
effect? What happens to a mixed document -- with some styling in tags
and some in a stylesheet -- when the user's stylesheet takes precedence
over the tags?

The user's stylesheet should be a subset of the UA's display options,
and precedence should be toggleable from none to maximum.

David Perrell