RE: JSS? Trident?

I don't understand their attitude. When they made several HTML extensions
and others made their own, I can see their attitude of lets take our
proprietary stuff and you take your proprietary stuff and we go to the W3C
and work it out as a standard. This doesn't wash with CSS. Its something the
W3C and Hakon and Bos have been working on from the beginning. Its already a
standard now.

I could care less about CSS if were only one of many ways to decorate my
pages with some classy styles. Its imperative that the trend to create a mix
of content and layout tags be stopped. I want to keep content and
presentation separate. I have good reason. There are over 500 pages on my
site. I want to write the text once and still be able to update or make
small changes to the style without massive search and replace. Besides there
may be improvements in content based searching we can take advantage of in
future. Like looking only in a "chapter" or a "poem" for a quote and not
every darn page on the web.

This issue is larger than a bunch of hackers writing pages full of "kwel"
stuff. Where has Netscape been in this forum?


At 07:24 PM 11/15/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Unfortunately it has been Netscape who has been confusing this issue.
>They want everyone to believe (their marketing folks declare this
>regularly) that JSSS is a superset of CSS.  This is simply untrue.
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