Re: JSS? Trident?

Thank you Hakon,
I was bitterly disappointed in Netscape when it seemed as if they were not
going to uspport CSS and break their pledge at the Paris Conference. I had
patiently waited for months for CSS to become a reality and at that moment
when Microsoft, Netscape and Adobe sigend on, I bet the farm on CSS and
fully implemented it across my site. I wish someone would have been more
articulate at Netscape or at the W3C in making it clear that Netscape was
proposing JSSS as an addition to CSS.


At 06:58 PM 11/14/96 +0000, Hakon Lie wrote:
>There has been some concern in the community about the future of style
>sheets development. I have therefore put the following note into the
>Style Sheet overview page [1]:
> "Looking for information on Javascript Style Sheets? Trident? W3C has
>  received multiple proposals on web page scripting APIs from member
>  organizations. None of these proposes new style sheets technology:
>  they propose only to animate existing style sheets with scripting
>  technology. The proposals therefore fall under the Distributed Objects
>  and Mobile Code activity"
>[1] http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Style/
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