Re: Relative weight - reader vs. author styles

At 12:50 PM 11/15/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I am a strong supporter of CSS1, but you did ask for comments, and I do
>have a concern with one part of the CSS1 spec.  Overall, however, I regard
>it as an outstanding piece of work.
>My one concern is with the following, from section 3 "The Cascade":

>One of the primary design goals of HTML is to be viewable on any UA.  A
>reader may have very good reason to specify his or her own style, such as
>poor vision (requiring larger type) or color blindness (requiring specific
>color settings).  It is utterly impossible for the author to anticipate
>every situation in which his document will be viewed (or heard), and thus
>equally impossible for him to make allowances for every possible need.  For
>this reason, there should be a method for allowing the reader to specify
>settings that cannot be overridden by the author under any circumstances.

I agree that there should be greater control over the style from the user.
I disagree with your proposed solution.  

I would instead prefeer to see limitations placed on what the !important
rule can be used for.

It would be understandable if for example browsers would override an author
important rule with the reader importrant rule for things like font size and
color.  but to give the reader a carte blanch on the entire style sheet
seems absurd.

So, while CSS1 is still open for modification I would suggest having another
look at all the options for the important rule.

Rob Falla

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