Re: column flow (was floating images...)

I wrote:
> For the sake of consistency and greater control, how about
> 'column-margin' and 'column-padding'?

Thinking out loud again...

Not as versatile -- but simpler to implement -- would be to have only
padding-column and column-rule, with column-rule being the same as a
vertical border inasmuch as it extends the full height of the padding:

  |  +--------------+--------------+  |
  |  |  column one  |  column two  |  |
  |  |  column one  |  column two  |  |
  |  |  column one  |  column two  |  |
                  / | 
                 /   \
          padding-   column-
           column    rule

Of course an author wanting column rules that don't extend above or
below the text AND a background box that does would have to nest the
element with columns inside another element with the background, but
that's no big deal (good use for a contextual selector).
David Perrell