New bugs in IE 3.01

Now that MSIE supposedly has horizontal margins fixed I began designing
a page on the use of CSS1. Frustration and a whole new set of
workarounds ensued. A few:

Zero margins no longer work for BODY. A negative margin is required to
butt a graphic to the window edge. An example that worked in IE 3.0 at
<http://home.earthlink.net/~davidp/margins.html> now renders badly. (I
know the spec leaves canvas size to the UA, but why NOT the whole
window? Why limit an author's options?)

Setting left margin on BODY also sets the right margin to the same
value. A _negative_ value must be assigned to the right margin to

When an element with a negative top margin is scrolled-up back into
view, the portion of the element that extends above the normal margin
does not always redraw.

Alternate fonts don't work. If the first font in the list isn't found
the default is used.

When HTML is given a different background than BODY, the HTML
background doesn't show through the margins for BODY.

I won't get into other problems with vertical margins, since this is
admittedly WIP.

It is impossible to do a page that shows much of how CSS1 _could_ be
used without using images and tables to fake it.

David Perrell