Re: floating images flush bottom

Douglas Rand wrote:
> I guess what I'm worried about is having deterministic algorithms. 
> current stuff always solves as you move forward.  Placing things to
> are tied to locations but imping upward into what will normally be
> previously rendered blocks is much more difficult and given that most
> the blocks are paragraphs,  it is somewhat iterative since the height
> the block moves the floating element,  which adjusts the size of the
> block again as it lays itself out again.

Twould be quite a problem if a floated element near the end of a
document had a 600% negative top margin, wouldn't it? I suppose floated
elements with negative top margins should overlap previously rendered
elements and not affect flow, yes? How troublesome to go back and
overlay something that turns up later in the document?

I was thinking it would be nice to be able to bottom-align a floated
element with another. Since I can't offer a way to do it without giving
up streaming display, I'll retreat. On reflection my original logic is
outright wrong anyway. "Constrained as far as possible within the
parent" is nowhere in the spec. Just because the floated element drops
below the parent doesn't mean it's not outside the flow. Duh.

Thanks for the comments.