Re: floating images flush bottom

lee@sq.com writes:
>David Perrell <davidp@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> In HTML, an align right or left image will be rendered on the line
>> following the <IMG ...> tag if the tag is not at the beginning of the
>> line.  [...]
>> This may make sense in HTML, but floating elements in CSS1 should not
>> be treated the same way.
>Really, you're asking for break/paragraph properties, such as most
>or all full SGML systems have.  For each element, it's usual to be able
>to specify
>    break before
>	the elment starts a new output line.
>    break after
>	a new line is started immediately after the end of the element.
>A run-in heading would have
>    break-before: yes; break-after: no
>I may not be up to date on the latest CSS draft, but if the one I commented
>on had that facility, I didn't notice it, and thought I would have done.

  And older draft of the CSS specification had this property as proposed
for CSS v2.  Its implemented in Emacs-W3 (actually, it is used for all
internal knowledge of when to break lines).  

  I'm actually working on going to a full DSSSL engine because CSS can't
really handle some of the stuff necessary to completely strip down your
display code to know nothing about HTML internally.

>Of course, in an SGML application, one might be able to assign any
>property -- e.g. "tableness" -- from a style sheet.  For example, in
>SoftQuad Panorama, you can say that <BODY> is a table, and that
><H1> is a table cell... giving an interesting (and useful) effect.

  Does Panorama support DSSSL yet?

>In CSS you can do this to some extent by drawing boxes round things.


>It's hard to know when to stop adding power, though.  If you want to do
>that sort of thing, use SGML directly & not just HTML.

  DSSSL is definitely the way to go for this type of thing.

-Bill P.