Re: margins on floated elements

Bert Bos wrote:
> Sometimes they do move down, though. If there is a number of
> left-floating images followed by a right floating one for which there
> not enough room, the right floating one will move down. (At least in
> MSIE, but don't try it with more than one right-floating image:-) )

You're too late. I once tried it with multiple animated GIFs!

For a Real Good Time find a tall image about 1/2 the width of your
browser window and another, not-so-tall image about 3/4 the width of
your browser window and try the following markup in Netscape Nav3.0 in
W95 or NT:

<IMG src="image1-2.jpg" align=left>
<IMG src="image1-2.jpg" align=left>
<IMG src="image3-4.jpg" align=right>
<IMG src="image3-4.jpg" align=right>

Then hit the Reload button.


David Perrell