Re: margins on floated elements

David Perrell wrote:

> I had assumed that in the case where a floating element would be forced
> outside the boundary of the parent by a previous floating element, that
> element should be moved down until it clears the element forcing it
> outside. But current versions of NSN and MSIE never break a sequence of
> ALIGN=left images, continuing to render them side-by-side ad infinitim.
> This is very un-useful behavior.

I agree.

Sometimes they do move down, though. If there is a number of
left-floating images followed by a right floating one for which there is
not enough room, the right floating one will move down. (At least in
MSIE, but don't try it with more than one right-floating image:-) )

The new CSS1 spec now explicitly requires the behaviour you describe: a
floating image moves down if earlier floating images don't leave enough
room for it.