Re: margins on floated elements

Bert Bos wrote:
> [two sections of the new CSS1 spec]
> Does it correspond to what you wanted?

It sure looks like it!

The only case I illustrated that isn't addressed is where the floated
element has negative margins on the content side, and the content is
allowed to overlap the floated element within the area of the negative
margins. This should be true of inline elements also. Vertical margins
of an inline element could then be set negative such that an element
taller than the line height would not expand the line-box -- the text
above and below would overlay the element.

This preview piques my curiosity... Will auto width of floated text
(including any margins, borders and padding) be the lesser of (the
width of the text) and (the width of the parent element)? Are first
line indents preserved when text wraps around a floating element, so
that a negative indent can overlap the floating element with the first
line? Collapsed vertical margin for nested elements? Hmmm. That seems
like a good idea!



(Not sure what the problem with the URL was... works for me)