Re: <-- use or not ???

Chris Wilson wrote:
> The goal is to move to backgrounds on "display:block | list-item"
> elements covering the block extents, and backgrounds on "display :
> inline" elements to function as they do now.

Consistent and logical. Yay.
> a goal of mine to match the spec as completely as possible.  That may
> not happen in some areas (e.g. the "white-space" property)

I wouldn't give a rat's patootie about that one.

> work with the ERB to resolve any problems I've seen with the spec
> itself; we'll continue to do that.

I hope vertical margins get fixed soon, and the margins on floats. I
killed a couple of hours doing some GIF examples of how I interpret the
spec for margins on floats at


(note that if the floated element were the first letter of the
paragraph, various drop cap effects would be possible by tweaking the
margins). Can you confirm this is what you intend to do?

David Perrell