Re: <-- use or not ???

Chris Wilson wrote:
> The goal is to move to backgrounds on "display:block | list-item"
> elements covering the block extents, and backgrounds on "display :
> inline" elements to function as they do now.

Consistent and logical. Yay.
> a goal of mine to match the spec as completely as possible.  That may
> not happen in some areas (e.g. the "white-space" property)

I wouldn't give a rat's patootie about that one.

> work with the ERB to resolve any problems I've seen with the spec
> itself; we'll continue to do that.

I hope vertical margins get fixed soon, and the margins on floats. I
killed a couple of hours doing some GIF examples of how I interpret the
spec for margins on floats at


Can you confirm that's what you intend to do?

David Perrell