RE: <-- use or not ???

The goal is to move to backgrounds on "display:block | list-item"
elements covering the block extents, and backgrounds on "display :
inline" elements to function as they do now.

I can't comment on "full implementation" timeframe right now, sorry -
but I can mention that I am the main stylesheet person at Microsoft (for
various versions of Internet Explorer, at least), and it has always been
a goal of mine to match the spec as completely as possible.  That may
not happen in some areas (e.g. the "white-space" property), due to the
level of complexity involved in the solution and the questionable
benefits involved, but rest assured we will soon be far beyond where we
are today with CSS.  In any case, I now have a lot more of my time to
dedicate to stylesheets (almost all, in fact).

In all situations where the implementation in Internet Explorer does not
match the CSS draft specification, I have considered it broken.  I've
had a lot of discussions with Hakon and Bert, and done a fair chunk of
work with the ERB to resolve any problems I've seen with the spec
itself; we'll continue to do that.

Chris Wilson

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>Chris Wilson wrote:
>> webman@netroute.net asked:
>> >Will ID, 'float', 'first-letter(line)', 'list-style',  work in MSIE?
> HELP! 
>> ID will, but 'float', 'first-letter', 'first-line', and 'list-style'
>> unimplemented in Internet Explorer 3.0.
>Vertical-align, letter-spacing, borders, padding, and proper vertical
>margins are also missed, and horizontal margins on floated objects
>don't work right. But for the most part you've gotten the horizontal
>margins right in 3.01, thank you.
>You currently treat each line of text as a separate box when a
>background is applied to a block element such as P, so the effect is
>'highlighted text'. As I read the spec, the entire paragraph should be
>treated as one element and boxed accordingly. Will MSIE change to match
>the spec? (Seems to me highlighted text should be done with SPAN or
>Any time frame for full implementation?
>David Perrell