Re: <-- use or not ???

Chris Wilson wrote:
> webman@netroute.net asked:
> >Will ID, 'float', 'first-letter(line)', 'list-style',  work in MSIE?
> ID will, but 'float', 'first-letter', 'first-line', and 'list-style'
> unimplemented in Internet Explorer 3.0.

Vertical-align, letter-spacing, borders, padding, and proper vertical
margins are also missed, and horizontal margins on floated objects
don't work right. But for the most part you've gotten the horizontal
margins right in 3.01, thank you.

You currently treat each line of text as a separate box when a
background is applied to a block element such as P, so the effect is
'highlighted text'. As I read the spec, the entire paragraph should be
treated as one element and boxed accordingly. Will MSIE change to match
the spec? (Seems to me highlighted text should be done with SPAN or

Any time frame for full implementation?

David Perrell